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Tools for Family Conversations

We know it can be hard to know what to say to your children about current events when they involve bias, bigotry, and/or violence. We have collected the resources on how to have skillful and helpful conversations from a broad range of organizations to help families guide these talks at home. We update these resources frequently, so please check back often.


talking to children about anti-gay speech


Ukraine conflict resources

police reform resources

anti-asian bias resources

Holocaust Materials

Students in California learn about the Holocaust and other genocides in 10th grade. AUSD high schools often try to bring Holocaust survivors in to speak to students, but it isn't always possible. Families who would like their students to read or listen to the stories of Holocaust survivors can find testimonies on the following websites:

islamphobia Materials
gun rally photo

Gun violence resources

staff with family

general resources on talking to children about difficult topics

anti-racism resources


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