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AUSD Distance Learning Support for Parents/Guardians

From the Classroom to the "Home" Room

We know that supporting your children in an online learning environment may be daunting. Most of our parents/guardians have not been trained as teachers; many may not be comfortable using online tools. And many others may be trying to figure out how to also fulfill their own professional responsibilities at a time when most workers are being asked to telecommute.


We have created this page in order to provide you with information about online learning, supporting children who are studying at home, finding affordable internet access, and managing the social and emotional challenges that may come up during this time.  Please also see our Coronavirus Hub page for updates about the disease and communications that AUSD is sending to families

Parent Tech Training

We are all our children's teachers.  Parents are the first teachers. Below, we are sharing some training links that teachers will be using to make the transition from the classroom to the virtual room. If you would like to join in on the training to support your children, feel free to access the links below for self-guided tutorials.


aeries communications

  • Introduction to Aeries Communications: This short video covers basic features of Aeries Communication (also called "Signal Kit"), through which you receive messages from AUSD, your principal, and your student's teacher.

  • You also can look at our Aeries Communication page, which includes:

    • FAQs about the communications portal

    • Step-by-step directions in six different languages

    • Custom videos about working with AUSD's parent and student portals

zoom conferencing


general Resources

Low-Cost Internet

social-emotional resources

Please see our COVID-19 Mental Health Resources page for information about talking to and supporting your students during this difficult time.