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Superintendent's Office

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Dear AUSD Community,


It is a professional privilege to serve the students and families of Alameda Unified. The promise and potential of public education continues to energize my faith in our schools and classrooms as drivers of change, learning, creativity, and overall positive experiences for young people. Our work, when done with commitment and creativity, can inspire and support imagination, curiosity, and unique and collective talents, as well as empathy and impactful problem solving. 


As a community, the education of our students represents a path to a broader and ever-empowering acquisition of knowledge, perspectives, and skills for students. These are attributes that can position them to be adaptive and successful in a future that is anything but predictable and equip them to improve aspects of painfully long standing social and scientific challenges.This belief in our potential as a District is not a statement of overreaching optimism, but rather a genuine faith in the potential of our students when we create the conditions and circumstances in which each and every one of them can flourish.


Pasquale Scuderi



pasquale scuderi
Superintendent's Office Contacts

Pasquale Scuderi


2060 Challenger Drive Alameda, California 94501

 (510) 337-7060


Kerri Lonergan

Senior Executive Assistant

(510) 337-7101