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Special Education Plan (2021)




As part of California Department of Education (CDE) annual review of federally established annual performance measures (APMs), the CDE mandates that districts across the state engage in corrective actions to meet criteria for APMs as reported in an “Annual Performance Review.”  As mandated by CDE, AUSD developed a Special Education Plan (SEP) that addresses each of the required indicators. The AUSD plan is based on 10 Annual Performance Measures that are contained in a Local Level Annual Performance report required of every district in the state.  AUSD's 2018-19 Annual Performance report is contained in the CDE webpage here. (This is the most recent report available.)


A description of the work that AUSD needs to do for each of the 10 indicators is available here.  The links to the actual reports may be found below in the “SEP Element Descriptors” document below.


AUSD developed its SEP in the fall of 2020 and submitted it on December 15, 2020. Parents and community members are encouraged to send questions regarding the SEP to Pam Kazee, Director of Special Education.


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Special Education Department

Phone: (510) 337-7194

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Pam Kazee

Director, Special Education


Joanne Murphy

Senior Manager, Special Education