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Residency Verification

Acceptable proofs of residency

1. Property deed, property tax bill, mortgage statement or current rental agreement (REQUIRED)

2. Utility Bill, within 30 days (Alameda Municipal Power, PG&E or Water/Garbage Only) (REQUIRED)

3. If Utilities are included in your rent,  you must supply (1) other form of proof of Alameda residence with address imprinted, for example:

  • W-2 form

  • utility document(s) or bill(s)

  • paycheck

  • public assistance documents

4. Driver's license (for identification only, not accepted as proof of residency)


Both Numbers 1, 2 & 4 above are required for enrollment:

  • Number 3 may be required if utilities are included in your rent or HOA

If you are divorced, you must also bring the custody provisions for your child or children. Note that the Welfare and Institutions Code section 17.1(b) provides that the residence of the child is determined by the residence of the person who been given custody by the court.  "Custody" means the legal right to have custody of the child.  If custody is held jointly by two or more persons, "custody" means the physical custody of the child. For purposes of residency for parental joint custody, whichever parent has the student for the greatest percentage of time during the school year will determine residency.  In the case of 50/50 joint physical custody, the family may decide in which school district to enroll the student.


Please note: We define residency as where a child and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian live. If further address verification is needed, a Residence Verification Officer will make unscheduled home visits. If it is determined that your child’s school residence is not Alameda, the student will be dropped from enrollment in the District.