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Remote Learning Program

Remote learning FAQs

At its public meeting on June 23, 2020, the Alameda Unified School District voted on the parameters for what instruction will look like for AUSD students in the 2020-21 school year. 

We know our families, students, and staff have many questions about the goals and logistics of these programs. We have tried to answer as many questions as we can here, but will be adding to this FAQ frequently throughout the summer. 




What are the two options for school in 2020-21? 

Families have a choice between a Flexible Learning Program and a Remote Learning Program. The Flexible Learning Program will entail half-day, on-campus, in-person instruction and asynchronous (at home) self-paced learning for the other half of the day. The Remote Learning Program will be an entirely on-line program with which students will engage from home. (A separate FAQ on the Flexible Learning Program is available here.)


What is AUSD’s Remote Learning Program?

In light of the ongoing pandemic, AUSD is offering a Remote Learning Program for students who may not be able to return to in-class instruction in the fall. This program is being designed to be more engaging than the Distance Learning Opportunities offered this spring and will also include more rigorous and grade-specific coursework and more formal assessments (such as tests), as well as social and emotional learning experiences and enrichment opportunities. Attendance at the virtual class meetings will also be mandated. 


How will the Remote Learning Program work?

It’s important to understand that the remote program will not be modeled after a traditional school day program with a schedule of class periods. Teachers will work primarily as “case managers” of students’ instruction and will meet with students in small groups and one-to-one regularly in order to support students' instructional needs and support social and emotional learning.  Students in this program will do much of their work “asynchronously” (meaning independently and at their own pace), and parents/guardians will work collaboratively with the teachers to support and coach their students.  Parents and caregivers will take an active role in supporting their children in following the online platform work.  Teachers will support parents/caregivers as needed to “coach” their children in the learning.


Students in the Remote Learning Program will also have access to supports and services for mental health, English Language Development, and Special Education. 


What curricula will be used for the Remote Learning Program?

Our Teaching & Learning staff are still researching the best options for instructional materials for the Remote Learning Program, but the goal is to find established, online programs that have been used by other educational institutions that have experience with remote learning. Some of the programs currently under consideration include UC Scout, Edgenuity, Accelus and Summit Learning. We are  looking for high-quality programs that include modules for art, language, social-emotional learning, and other enrichment.


Who qualifies for AUSD’s Remote Learning Program?

The Remote Learning Program is being designed to support students including those who:

  1. Have or live with someone who has an underlying medical condition that makes them particularly susceptible to COVID-19. 
  2. Have a caretaker (non-household member) who is vulnerable to COVID-19
  3. Are students in Alameda

AUSD will try to accept as many students as possible into the Remote Learning Program. Preference will be given to students who are or who live with people who are medically fragile, however.


What medical documentation do I need to provide to show that my student is eligible for this program? 

Please provide a letter from a physician that explains why your student should receive priority consideration for our remote program.


I can’t get my medical documents in by July 5.

You have until July 19 to submit your documents. If the program selection does not allow you to submit your form without documentation, please upload a Word document that says that you will be submitting medical documentation by July 19. Once you have the documentation, you can send it to


How do you apply for the Remote Learning Program? 

  1. A letter describing the programs, with a link to the registration form, was sent to all families on June 26. 
  2. This form needs to be filled out by July 5 at 11:59 pm. 
  3. Students who have or who live with a person or have a caretaker with underlying medical conditions will have priority in the acceptance process.

  4. Acceptance notices will be sent to families on July 9 and July 10. 

  5. We will continue to update the FAQs about both the Remote Learning and Flexible Learning programs as we develop them.

  6. We will schedule a community meeting about the Remote Learning Program on July 14 so that we can provide you with more information and answer your questions.

  7. Families who register for the remote program between June 29 and July 5 will then have until July 19 to decide if they truly want their student to be enrolled in that program and submit their medical documentation. If they still want that program, they will need to fill out and submit a confirmation form by July 19 to complete the enrollment process.

Again, we will be prioritizing students with medical conditions and or students that have household members with medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19. However, we are committed to accepting as many students as we can. Capacity will be determined after open enrollment has closed and staff has a better sense of our families’ needs and preferences.


Please note: Families who do not submit an Instructional Program Choice form will be automatically enrolled in our Flexible Learning Program.


How will students in the Remote Learning Program access meals?

We will still provide meals to those students, but we are still working out the details of how that will happen.


Does each school have its own Remote Learning Program?

No, we are setting up one K-12 Remote Learning Program, and classes will be comprised of students and teachers from a variety of school sites.  Teachers in this program will be certificated educators who work for AUSD. Families will continue to have access to information and  events at their home schools, and secondary students will continue to work with their home school counselors for academic counseling.


Does a student enrolled into the Remote Learning Program lose his/her spot at their home school?

Students enrolled into the Remote Learning Program will still be enrolled in his/her home school and can return the following school year (2021-22) if schools are able to provide in-person instruction at that time.


What if a student enrolled in the Remote Learning Program ends up wanting to join the Flexible Learning Program? 

While we understand that circumstances can change, our current policy is that once accepted into the Remote Learning Program, a student needs to remain in the program for the entire year.  


What if a student enrolled in the Flexible Learning Program ends up wanting to join the Remote  Learning Program? 

We will try to accommodate these requests, but it will depend on whether or not we have space in a remote class. 


Can a student with an IEP be enrolled in the Remote Learning Program?

Yes, there will be teachers available to support students who have IEPs.


How can I get more information? 

If you have questions about enrollment that are not answered here, please email If you have questions about the program itself, please watch check this FAQ regularly and check your email for communications from AUSD and your school site.

As mentioned above, we will also be holding a community town hall about the Remote Learning Program on July 14. We will send details about the meeting soon.