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AUSD Teacher Training and Resources

Professional Development for the Transition to Online Instruction

From the classroom to the virtual room--the purpose of this site it to provide training in skills needed to make the transition to online learning. All teachers should complete the trainings as scheduled below even if you have prior knowledge. Use the links on the right to access peer screencasts, self-guided tutorials and step-by-step training sites.


Self-Guided Training Schedule: 8:30-3:00, Monday through Friday

    If you need additional support after you conclude a module, you may attend Office Hours via video conference with a Peer Trainer. Use the link below to access the schedule.  

Click here to attend⇒ Office Hours offered during the training window 3/23 - 3/27.

DIY Training Schedule

In addition to the courses below, Robyn Kondo will be offering Office Hours on Aeries Communications.




  • Accessing your AUSD Google Account: Work from your AUSD Google account, not your personal account.  This brief training will help you make sure you are in the right account.
  • Aeries Communications:  This is a review on how to communicate with students and parents. 
  • Zoom Video Conferencing: Learn how to attend/host a video conference for live interaction with colleagues, collaborators, and students. 
  • Google Classroom: This is your classroom for the duration of COVID-19 to provide continuity for all students and families. Take the course to the right, and then check out Alice Keeler and Vicki Davis videos for teacher/student duo views.
  • Student Data Privacy Training: As an online teacher, this course provides the basics in how you can protect student data privacy. Click the training button to register with Edupath and watch this video to see how to navigate to iKeepSafe Student Data Privacy #1 course.
  • Screencasting: Screencastify is the recommended tool for recording your live computer screen. Your AUSD account has a free extension, which allows 5-minute videos. (1-2 minute screencasts recommended.) Sign in with your AUSD Google account. 
  • Google Docs:  Work with students synchronously and asynchronously on shared documents.
  • Google Slides: For your own presentations, use Slides in Publish mode for small screen tutorials. For students, provide opportunities for individual and collaborative projects.
  • Google Forms: Gather information, do a check for understanding, and even take roll. Have students collect and map data.
  • YouTube: Create a channel in your AUSD account to upload your screencasts for students to view. Create a playlist of your own screencast, curate YouTubes or gather a combination of both and then share the playlist with students and/or colleagues. When you click on the training button, watch the videos in order.
  • Virtual School House:  In this module, teachers will organize their classroom and office hours schedule to create a virtual school house in coordination with the Spring 2020 revised schedules. 
  • Best Practices:  This work-in-progress website will be the repository for links tips, tricks and tutorials.

Teacher check-in

Please check in Monday through Friday through the Roll Call link below. This is not for attendance; this is just to let us know who has been here (data) and how you are (heart). 

Teacher Tech support

Teachers and other staff can now very easily open a ticket for technical support at

Tech training

Teachers – Your AUSD Google account is where we want you to access training, communicate with students, and access all of the powerful tools that Google provides.  You have special privileges within the AUSD domain. Click on the buttons below to access training tutorials.  Note: In Google Teacher Centers be sure to check out the “Teachers Lounge” because that is where you can quickly get up-to-speed on how to use this suite of tools.