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Special Education Services

A Continuum of Services

Mild/Moderate Education Specialists supplement the general education program to meet the needs of students identified as requiring individualized support in specific areas, but who are able to satisfy the general education curriculum without modification.  The mild/moderate Education Specialist will support students who are in the general education environment for the majority of the instructional day.  Effective methods of instruction for this program include, but are not limited to, direct instruction, small group instruction, supported teaching, and collaboration.


Moderate/Severe Education Specialists provide special education and related services to students requiring modifications in order to access the general education curriculum.  Students must be given ample opportunity to attempt satisfactory achievement in the general education curriculum with a range of supplementary aids and services before considering modifications or alternate settings.


Nonpublic Schools
The obligation of the Alameda Unified School District is to ensure “that all individuals with exceptional needs…participate in a free appropriate public education and that the special education instructions and services for these persons are needed in order to ensure them of the right to an appropriate educational opportunity to meet their unique needs.” EC56000

To accomplish this goal, the IEP team considers and exhausts all appropriate services within a full continuum of program options.  If the IEP team determines that a public school program cannot meet the needs of a student as outlined in the IEP, then the possibility of nonpublic, nonsectarian school placements may be explored.

Related Services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Para Support
  • Transportation
  • Hearing Support