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AUSD's Anti-Bias Framework

In April 2010 the AUSD Board of Education adopted teacher-created "Protected Class Literature Lessons" for grades K-5. The lessons were the culmination of several years of work aimed at realizing AUSD’s vision of “inclusive, safe and secure” schools. 


These lessons complemented the Socio-emotional Learning curricula Caring School Community (CSC) and Steps to Respect (STR) and were aligned to the previous English Language Arts (ELA) adoption. 


This fall (2017), as teachers across the district are implementing the district's new ELA instructional materials (Center for the Collaborative Classroom), staff are working to align the newly adopted texts to the literature lessons,  as well as seek out additional recommendations for anti-bias materials. Many of the resources featured above are included in this review, including recommended literature, lesson plans, and anti-bias frameworks. 


Staff are also working to identify points of alignment within the new California History-Social Science Framework (adopted by the State Board of Education in July 2016) to anti-bias education. 


AUSD’s goal is to formalize a K-12 anti-bias framework for the district that will outline the scope of topics and classroom experiences provided to students throughout their schooling.  This framework will also guide the district in providing appropriate professional development experiences for staff to deliver the identified curriculum.


Please see this page for more information on the history of AUSD's anti-bias efforts.