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AUSD's Anti-Bias History

On April 13, 2010, the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education officially adopted Resolution 10-0041 regarding the implementation of AUSD’s anti-bullying curriculum in our elementary schools.
Several years of work culminated in this Board Resolution.  First, a district task force met to assess the issues of safety for LGBT students and staff and presented their findings to the Board of Education. At the direction of the Board of Education, the task force planned and implemented a staff development day to further assess the needs of the AUSD teaching community concerning issues of LGBT safety. From this process, a curriculum adoption committee was formed and worked to select an adoption to support our Safe Schools planning. Caring School Community was adopted as our Safe Schools curriculum in grades K – 5; a district task force designed grade level lessons (in a similar format to Caring School Community lessons) which were called Lesson 9. The lessons were piloted and introduced to the Board of Education and community during the 2008–2009 school year. Lesson 9 was adopted by the Board with provisions that staff (with community and teacher support) would continue to investigate and create materials providing a comprehensive anti-bullying message that would subsequently include all six California state-designated protected classes: race/ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, religion and sexual orientation.
The newly formed committee met through most of the 2009-2010 school year, returning to the Board with the proposal that we continue to use Caring School Community in grades K – 2; that we purchase Steps to Respect as a developmentally appropriate curriculum for use in grades 3-5; that we purchase a set of trade books addressing the six California state-designated protected classes; and that we convene a committee of teachers to write lessons for all of the books (or alternate Houghton-Mifflin selections).  A group of teachers drafted lessons during the summer of 2010, and these lessons were presented to elementary principals for review before these developmentally appropriate literature-based lessons were then finalized and presented to schools for full implementation of AUSD’s anti-bullying curriculum as directed by Board of Education resolution 10-0041 to replace what currently was known as Lesson 9.
AUSD diretced and facilitated implementation of the Alameda Board of Education plan to provide anti-bullying curriculum addressing all six California state-designated protected classes.  Trainings were provided to AUSD K-5 principals and teacher-leaders (and are ongoing), and the following timeline  represents the district wide K-5 implementation of the AUSD anti-bullying curriculum through Caring School Community, Steps to Respect, and the supplemental literature lessons.
We want to thank our teachers, students, families and community partners for their ongoing support as we continue to work together to  achieve AUSD’s vision of “an inclusive, safe and secure environment” for all our students, their families, and our school communities. AUSD looks forward toward continuing work to enhance and improve its anti-bullying curricula to ensure safe school communities in Alameda.


Additional Information:

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