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LCAP Goals and Metrics

LCAP Goals and Metrics
Eliminate barriers to student success and maximize learning time
  • Improve student attendance including increase of basic attendance rate and decrease of chronic absenteeism
  • Decrease class time missed as a result of discipline including reduction of both suspension and expulsion rates
  • Improve completion rate including reduction of middle and high school drop-out rates and increase of high school graduation rate
  1. Chronic Absenteeism
  2. Suspension Rate
  3. Expulsion Rate
  4. High School Graduation Rate
  5. High School Drop-out Rate
  6. Middle School Drop-out Rate 
  7. Student Safety Survey
Support all students in becoming college and work ready
  • Improve student achievement on both statewide and local assessments
  • Increase College and Career Readiness


  1. Academic Indicator: Math and ELA SBAC 
  2. A-g completion: % of graduating seniors eligible
  3. AP: % exams passed with 3+ and % of 10th-12th grade students enrolled in at least 1 AP course
  4. CTE: % athway completion and % of high school students enrolled
  5. College/Career Readiness
Support all English Learners in becoming college and work ready
  • Improve English Learner Achievement
  • Implement State Standards for English Learners
  1. Reclassification % 
  2. Annual ELPAC growth/performance 
  3. % at risk of becoming LTELs 
  4. EL access to CCSS 
  5. ELD standards implementation 
Support parent/guardian development as knowledgeable partners and effective advocates for student success.
  • Improve efforts to seek input from parents/guardians to support informed district/school targeted supports
  • Improve parent/guardian participation in school, especially in the area of increasing access to college and career readiness resources
  • Improve early educational opportunities for parents/guardians in which they develop strategies/skills for supporting their student(s) and serving as leaders in the school/district community.
  1. % of parent/guardians reporting that school actively seeks input
  2. % of parent/guardians reporting that the feel welcome to participate at school
  3. % of parent/guardians reporting participation in defined activities/volunteer
Ensure that all students have access to basic services

Maintenance of a highly qualified teaching staff

Provision of adequate instructional materials

Maintenance of a safe learning environment

  1. % of teachers fully credentialed/highly qualified
  2. % of teachers qualified to teach ELs
  3. % of teachers appropriately assigned
  4. Number of substantiated Williams textbook complaints
  5. % of schools receiving ‘Good’ or better FIT rating