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Harvey Milk Day Resources



Annual Harvey Milk Day Celebration 2015 Press Release

Educational Resources and Activities to Support Harvey Milk Day

To honor the life and work of Harvey Milk, students in 5th -12th grades participated in the 2013 Alameda Harvey Milk Day Student Poster and Poetry Contest. Read the creative and inspirational poetry our two category winners submitted

Our winners for the 2013 Harvey Milk Day poster competition are.....

Harvey Milk with Black Border - Letter Size-1.jpgPoster_5thgrader.jpg

Alex S., 11th Grader at Encinal High School | Molly C., 5th Grader at Edison Elementary School

Attention Teachers: Please take a moment to download the Classroom Discussion Guide for 2013 for your reference.
Below, please find more resources to support your lesson planning.

1.  CA Safe Schools Coalition has Harvey Milk Day curricula pieces and background information on Harvey Milk.
2. The Gay-Straight Alliance Network has resources to support GSAs efforts to celebrate Harvey Milk Day at their school site.
3. The Milk Foundation has biographical information on Harvey Milk and suggestions on how to use The Harvey Milk Story in schools.
4. The Alameda Harvey Milk Day facebook page provides information on the Alameda Harvey Milk Day celebration on May 20th at Encinal High School.