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About AUSD

Alameda's public schools have been educating Alameda’s children since 1855, when the Schermerhorn School was built on Court Street between Van Buren and Jackson Street. Today, AUSD serves the needs of some 9600 students from pre-school through high school. Those students reflect the diversity of our community and the San Francisco Bay Area region, with 36% being Asian, 29% white, 16% Hispanic, 8% Black/African American, and 9% of two or more races. About 27% of our students are low income and 17% are English learners.


To serve this diverse community of learners, AUSD’s nine elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools offer a wide range of educational opportunities, including neighborhood schools, STEAM programs, intervention services, arts integration, and newcomer classes for students who have recently arrived in this country. Our high schools have strong Career Technical Education programs, including broadcast journalism, sports medicine, childcare, and genomics, as well as a full array of honors, AP, and visual and performing arts classes. Our continuation program at Island High School supports students needing support to graduate; our magnet high school – the Alameda Science and Technology Institute – offers an Early College Program that provides students opportunities to earn college credits and/or an Associate of Arts degree while still enrolled in high school.

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability

Across our district, one of our current goals is to make environmental literacy a core part of every student’s learning. Our vision is that every student in Alameda will feel connected to the outdoors through regular and consistent field trips, access to service learning experiences, and integrated classroom and field-based experiences. Most of our schools have school gardens, and all participate in a district-wide recycling and composting program. That program, which aims to reduce the amount of garbage AUSD sends to landfills, won a Golden Bell Award from the California Association of School Boards in 2014.


Three of our schools have won Green Ribbon Awards from the California Department of Education (CDE) for their sustainability offerings, and three of our schools have been designated “Ocean Guardian” Schools by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In 2017, AUSD was designated as one of the first Ocean Guardian districts in the nation.


Through scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and environmental know-how, our hope is that all AUSD students will graduate prepared to solve the world’s problems.


In addition to these green-themed honors, six of our schools have received Gold Ribbon awards from the CDE, two have received Title 1 Achievement Awards from the CDE, and one has received a Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education.


“Everyone Belongs Here”

AUSD launched an “Everyone Belongs Here” campaign in September 2015. Conceived and designed by the district’s LGBTQ Round Table, the campaign centered on a poster with a rainbow-colored shield  against a backdrop of statements such as "All Faiths," "All Gender Identities," "All LGBTQ," "All Nationalities," "All Families," and "All Ethnicities."


The rainbow shield represents AUSD’s deep commitment to providing safe and inclusive schools for all students and staff and now hangs in classrooms throughout the district.  Since 2015, the Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families, Alameda City Council, Alameda Education Foundation, Alameda PTA Council,  Alameda Chamber of Commerce, and AUSD employee bargaining units have all signed on to the campaign. We are grateful that so many groups and individuals in AUSD have taken up our theme and hope that the motto helps to continue to unify our community.


AUSD hosts three other equity round tables: ALCANCE (dedicated to Latino achievement), the Jewish Education Round Table, and the Asian Pacific American Round Table. In 2018, the district also formed an umbrella Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to help integrate all of these efforts.


In response to an increase in reports of hate graffiti and other incidents, AUSD in 2017-18 provided teachers and principals foundational anti-bias training from the Anti-Defamation League. Beginning in 2018-19, Facing History and Ourselves will be providing further training to all employees. We are committed to helping all our employees learn to identify and respond skillfully to bias-related incidents in our classrooms and workplaces.


Family and Community Engagement

AUSD offers “School Smarts” classes to parents who want to learn how to navigate the public education system. These free classes are provided in five languages. AUSD also offers lecture series on issues of interest to parents, including managing screen time, understanding emotions, and preparing for college and beyond.


In an effort to be a good community partner, AUSD also works with a number of public agencies and non-profit organizations in Alameda, including the City of Alameda, the Housing Authority, Alameda Family Services, Alameda Education Foundation, Alameda Point Collaborative, Girls, Inc., and the Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth, and their Families. We believe these partnerships amplify all of our efforts to support the children and families in our island community.


We are grateful to the many hundreds of volunteers who support our schools every year – by working in our classrooms, helping to beautify our campuses, helping our teachers, and working on revenue measures to supplement our budget. Their contributions enrich our schools and improve the learning experiences of thousands of students per year. We thank all of our partners working with AUSD to help us achieve our mission to ensure that every student succeeds.