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Otis Elementary School Measure I Projects

completed Measure I Projects at Otis Elementary School


Site Work and New Classroom Building

Designing and planning for two-story, six-classroom building



Landscaping, July 2017

landscaping 1


landscaping 3landscaping 4

landscaping 2



Concrete Work, Lighting - May 16, 2017

landscaping 5

New Classroom Exterior

landscaping 6

New Classroom Interior

landscaping 7

High Street Side of New Classroom Building

landscaping 8

First Floor Corridor



Stucco and Utilities - April 27, 2017


landscaping 9


landscaping 10


Delivering and Installing the new Building


landscaping 11

New Building and elevator March 9, 2017



landscaping 12 landscaping 13

A section of the first floor modular building being delivered


A section of the modular building being lifted into place


landscaping 14 landscaping 15
Elevator being lifted into position Front view of elevator



Preparing for the new Building

landscaping 16 landscaping 1
Slab rebars for new building Saw cutting for expansion joint on building slab




Modular Buildings Under Construction

landscaping 17


landscaping 18

The building is constructed in sections.


Each section will be shipped to the site and craned into place.


landscaping 19 landscaping 20



Pile Driving, December 19-30, 2016

landscaping 21


landscaping 22


Planned Measure I Projects at Otis Elementary School

(As approved by the Board of Education)

  • Modernize two existing kindergarten classrooms
  • Build six new classrooms, remove two portables
  • Technology, communication & safety/security improvements
  • Critical mechanical, electrical, and accessibility improvements

Toilet Room Addition (non-bond)


Otis Elementary Projects



New Classroom Increment I: Site Work