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AUSD 8th Graders Win Kiwanis "Hope of America" Awards
Posted 5/7/22

Students, families, and staff gathered Wednesday night to celebrate the awarding of Kiwanis “Hope of America” awards to outstanding 8th grade students from each middle school in AUSD. Students were nominated by their teachers based on their leadership, peer relations, ethical and moral character, academic achievement, community involvement, significant improvement in character or achievement, future potential, and well-roundedness.

“These are not strictly academic awards,” says Patricia Bowen, the chair of this year’s 24th Annual Hope of America Awards. “They are based on Kiwanis' stated mission of community outreach.  Of course, a 14 year old only has so much that he/she can do.  But the criteri can also apply to a young person's daily life decisions and actions.  They may help a classmate who seems isolated, confused, looking for a kind word, for instance.  All this is possible and the kids demonstrated these attitudes very clearly.”

Students receiving the award were:


Bay Farm School

  • Diego Leung 

  • Bronwyn Brantley

  • Maxine Zimmerman

Encinal Junior Jets

  • Anthony Becerra

Lincoln Middle School 

  • Alex Guo 

 Wood Middle School

  • Sarah Bakhtary

  • Shamiko Chianti Landrito