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Superintendent's Message about Oxford, MI School Shooting
Posted 11/30/21

Dear AUSD Families:


We were horrified to learn this afternoon of the fatal shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford Charter Township, Michigan. While I am in no way seeking to alarm or amplify fears unnecessarily, these devastating incidents on school campuses are harsh reminders that we must be preeminently concerned with the safety of our students and staff at all times.


I cannot begin to imagine the immeasurable pain being experienced by the families, peers, and communities of the victims of this shooting, as well as the families and friends of young people killed by gun violence all too regularly across this country. 


Our team will be conferring with principals in the next few days to support a review of each school’s current emergency response plans, practices, and protocols. 


Our considerable investments in additional mental health services in recent months need to be sustained, and I believe, and have heard from front line staff, that those types of services ideally warrant even wider expansion.


This evening I also connected with Chief Joshi of the Alameda Police Department, and we will be meeting soon to ensure that collaboration between our respective teams is ongoing and coordinated where the goal of campus safety and emergency response is concerned. 


Schools are a place where our students and our colleagues must feel safe. We know that in the wake of tragedies like this that feeling of safety can be eroded and that news like this can be distressing for students of all ages. Our website contains a compilation of resources that may be useful if you are fielding questions or concerns, or simply need some references to have a sensitive discussion with your child.

Again, we are not seeking to add additional stress or anxiety to an already upsetting situation, yet to not be actionably reflective in light of today’s tragic incident would in my view be irresponsible.




Pasquale Scuderi


Alameda Unified School District