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Every Shut Eye Ain't Sleep: Becoming an Effective Advocate for Your Child
Posted 10/12/21


The community is invited to a November 4 webinar about how parents/guardians can become more powerful and effective advocates for their children.

This honest, down-to-earth and inspiring presentation will engage participants in a journey of self-exploration and introspection that prepares families to assume more effective partnership roles with their children, with other educators and with other families. Participants will have greater confidence in their interactions with educators and acquire greater tools to promote equal status relationships with those who serve their children.

With a particular emphasis on families who may not have traditionally been involved actively in partnership with educators and those who are racially, culturally or linguistically different, this presentation will help families to become more effective advocates for their children in an educational system that may not always give them messages about their strengths and their ability to conquer any obstacles that they may face.


Date: November 4, 2021

Time: 6:30-8:00 pm


(You will receive a Zoom link after you register)


About Mary Montle Bacon, PhD

Mary Bacon’s journey from the projects in the South and tenements in the Northeast to the role of consultant makes her uniquely prepared both personally and professionally to address issues related to achieving equity for students and families who are racially, ethnically and culturally different and many who come from less advantaged backgrounds.

Educated in elementary and secondary schools in New Orleans and Harlem, she earned a BA in Secondary Education from Fordham majoring in Spanish and becoming the first one in her family to graduate from elementary school. Graduate education was at Stanford where she earned an MA in Guidance and Counseling and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and San Francisco State in Special Education Administration.

An experienced teacher, university instructor, counselor, psychologist, administrator, juvenile probation officer and parent of four, her passion has consistently been advocacy for the most challenged and challenging youth and families in our educational systems.  As a consultant throughout the country for the last three decades, she has worked with numerous school districts in addressing the needs of students and families to be better equipped to negotiate the educational system and preparing educators to serve them more effectively.