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"Reclassification" Ceremony Honors Dozens of Students Who are Now English Proficient
Posted 2/11/21


On February 3, AUSD teachers and staff joined English Learner students and their families to celebrate the students achieving “reclassified” status. The term describes students who have “graduated” from an “English Learner” designation to a student who is proficient in English Language.  


One hundred and thirty-nine elementary, middle, and high school students were reclassified this fall. Many of them attended the ceremony and received certificates on the Zoom call. As each name was called out, the child’s personal characteristics were also named (such as “friendly,” “generous,” “helpful,” and “kind.”) 


During the ceremony, teachers and staff talked about the many benefits of being multilingual. Research shows, for instance that students who speak more than one language display better problem solving skills, more cognitive flexibility, improved memory, and higher degrees of empathy and cultural awareness than those who speak only one language. 


Students were also encouraged to continue to cultivate their home language and culture, as a way of enriching their lives and the lives of people around them and to become confident and productive learners.


“It is always important to celebrate student accomplishments but it is especially important to celebrate the achievements during this very difficult time,” says Chief Academic Officer Sara Stone. “The fact that these students have achieved English fluency will help them not only in their K-12 educations but for the rest of their lives. I was delighted to participate in this honoring of them!”