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COVID-19 Testing Launched for Students and Staff
Posted 2/11/21



Over the last two weeks, AUSD has initiated a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program for staff and students.


Under Governor Newsom’s proposed “Safe Schools for All” plan, districts in the Purple Tier of COVID-19 risk  need to submit a plan to test all students and staff before re-opening their campuses to students.  


AUSD initiated the first phases of its staff testing program last week when it provided tests to about 150 employees over two days at district office. This week, the district expanded employee testing by offering it for three days at Alameda High School.


The district is also launching a pilot student testing program for several elementary schools this week.


If elementary schools re-open March 8, the district will need to test more than 5600 students and staff on either a weekly or twice monthly schedule, depending on the county COVID-19 case rate. The smaller pilots this month are allowing the district to explore logistics around the testing, while also helping to protect the safety of the community at large by possibly identifying positive cases.