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Superintendent Scuderi's Message about January 6 Events in WDC
Posted 1/6/21

Dear AUSD Families,

On this extraordinarily unsettling day, where I, like many of you, are watching the stunning images coming from D.C., I want to reach out to let you know we are thinking of you and your students.

We are thinking about the questions that students may have over the next several days about the discord we are witnessing in our nation’s capital. As such, our leadership team is working with our principals this afternoon to help teachers prepare for these discussions and the emotions that may accompany them.

We are thinking about the questions you, as parents/guardians, might have about how to talk to students about today’s events in D.C. and our democracy’s protocols and ideals. We will provide resources to help you with these at-home conversations shortly.

And we are thinking about the crucial role that public education plays in developing an informed and compassionate citizenry. The truth is, however hobbled we are by current conditions, public education holds the potential to counter the chaos and discord that we are witnessing today -- chaos that seeks to undermine the very concepts of democracy, civility, unity, and inclusion we work towards every day.

I hope that as today’s events unfold, we can all derive strength from the fact that in our roles - be it parent/guardian or public education employee - we support the enlightening, educating, and empowering of kids. That work, in turn, is crucial to our stemming the tide of intolerance and violent immaturity that we, and unfortunately our children, are watching today.


Pasquale Scuderi