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Measure B1 and I Oversight Committees Seek New Members
Posted 10/9/20



The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) is now accepting applications for both the Measure B1 and Measure I Oversight Committees.


Measure B1, which was approved by Alameda voters in 2016, is an extension of the Measure A parcel tax approved in 2011. Like its predecessor, Measure B1 will raise $12 million per year for core programs, including AP classes, neighborhood schools, small class sizes in grades K-3, athletics, enrichment, and technology. Measure B1 began July 1, 2018 and will sunset in June, 2025.


The Measure B1 Oversight Committee is comprised of 11 community members (including parent/guardians and district employees). The committee meets four to six times a year to review the district’s compliance with the terms of the measure.  Each year, the committee’s work culminates in a staff Annual Report, as well as a shorter committee report, to be presented to the Board of Education.  


For an application, please visit the Measure B1 Oversight Committee page on the AUSD website (  Applicants can also get an application by calling the district office (510-337-7000) or stopping by the district office (2060 Challenger Drive, Alameda). Completed applications must be received in the district office no later than 5 pm on September 16, 2019. Appointments will be announced on September 24, 2019.


Measure I, a bond measure passed by Alameda residents in 2014, raises $179,500,000 for needed repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects to the District's schools.  


The Oversight Committee meets quarterly between January and December of each year. The committee’s work includes: informing the public concerning the District's expenditure of Measure I bond proceeds; reviewing expenditure reports to ensure proceeds are expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure I; and presenting to the Board an annual written report outlining their activities and conclusions regarding these expenditures.


State law mandates the types of community members who can be on a bond oversight committee. Currently only one position is open – that of a member of a “bona fide tax organization.” For an application, please visit this page on the district website. Applicants

can also get an application by calling the district office (510-337-7000) or stopping by the district office (2060 Challenger Drive, Alameda).