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October 1 COVID-19 Update: ACPHD Releases New Health Orders
Posted 10/1/20

October 1, 2020

Dear Families,

Alameda County Public Health announced today that public health conditions have improved to the point that officials will be permitting districts to begin allowing elementary students to return to campuses in a gradual and limited way after October 13.

We know classrooms are the best place for teaching and learning to take place, and in recent months and weeks we have been in continuous exploration of paths toward and plans for re-opening at some point this year. Although public health officials are saying it is permissible to open elementary schools after October 13, our team, working with our Board, staff, families, and labor unions, will need to determine safe and manageable timelines, in our local context, for bringing students and staff back to campus thoughtfully. In other words, we will not be re-opening our schools right on October 13.

Plans we develop to return to in-person instruction will first need to be shared with our community, approved by the county public health and education offices, and then will only be made actionable after approval by our local Board of Education.

As we move through this process, we plan on keeping all of our community members and stakeholders engaged and as up to date as possible. We are committed to the open development of a plan and candid deliberation and analysis around our readiness to welcome our educators and students back to our schools in a safe and supportive fashion.

We hope to have additional information and perspective for you next week as we process the new health order and what it means for our instructional programs.


Pasquale Scuderi