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September 5 Statement on In-Person Instruction Waiver Process
Posted 9/5/20

This week the Alameda County Public Health Department announced that it has set up a process to accept waivers from districts who want to bring students in transitional kindergarten to 6th grade back to campus for in-person instruction. In order to get such a waiver, districts need to submit a return-to-school plan that is aligned with guidance from the California Department of Public Health and ACPHD. That plan needs to include information on:

  • The district's plan to implement required protocols, including health and hygiene, use of face coverings, physical distancing, and limiting gathering, and conduct COVID-19 contact tracing and testing; and
  • The district's consultations with labor, parent, and community groups during the reopening process.

Due to the complexity of the waiver process and the high bar that has been set to returning to in-person instruction,  we are exploring the option slowly and deliberately. We will share more information about the process as we have it.