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Parent Community Based Organizations


Booster Clubs and other parent organizations have been essential to campus life for decades – the funds raised by these groups help enrich the lives of students by allowing them to participate in many different school programs, from sports to the arts.

Managing and protecting the funds that flow through these organizations can be confusing and frustrating: From the lack of internal controls in order to administer funds and budgets safely and easily, to the art of fundraising and protecting cash receipts. It all can be challenging and time consuming to develop consistent and efficient processes.

Moreover, programs, fundraisers, and all activities sponsored by the parent and booster groups must be authorized and conducted according to local board policy, laws, and the rules of the sponsoring schools—see Board Policy 1230.

Understanding and complying with the various laws and regulations may seem like a daunting task. AUSD is committed to supporting Community Based Organizations and will continually provide support and training utilizing the Guidelines for Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs, published by Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman. This resource will provide you with information on:

  • Understanding general guidelines for nonprofits
  • Understanding the relationship between your booster or parent group and the District
  • Understanding the laws, regulations, and policies that govern how you interact with your local schools
  • Developing and applying procedures to help manage and protect the funds raised by your organization
  • Simplifying the accounting challenge that faces many nonprofit organizations.