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high school conversations

Over the last several years, AUSD has periodically engaged the community in conversations about how best to configure our high schools. Our High School Facilities page includes information about those conversations, as well as current plans for both Alameda and Encinal High Schools.

Maintenance, Operations and Facilities

A message from Monty Patterson, Director, Maintenance, Operations and Facilities

The Maintenance and Operations division is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the district’s facilities and custodial services. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that school grounds provide a safe, comfortable and accommodating learning environment for our students, staff, families and community guests.


For questions regarding Maintenance, Operations and Facilities, please feel free to contact our office by phone (510) 337-7090 or via email at

reports and faqs


Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for AUSD Maintenance, Operations and Facilities Department - On Call Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (Mechanical) Maintenance Services


Open Date: 03/11/2022

Close Date: 03/25/2022


MOF Office Phone: (510) 337-7090


AUSD Sports Fields Rain Out HOTLINE (510) 337-7089

Rain Out Update



Monty Patterson
Director, MOF
(510) 337-7000 ext 77937


Steven Lee
Compliance Coordinator, MOF
(510) 337-7000 ext 25805


Brian Addicott

Facilities Maintenance Manager, MOF

(510) 337-7000 ext 25804


Hamed Rasuli
Custodial Lead, MOF
(510) 337-7000 ext 77028


Nikki King
Staff Secretary II, MOF
(510) 337-7000 ext 77944


Jennifer Medina
Staff Secretary II, MOF
(510) 337-7000 ext 77934


Julie Manis
Budget Analyst, MOF
(510) 337-7000 ext 77932



Construction Contacts

Construction Office Phone: (510) 337-7020


Robbie Lyng
Sr. Director of Construction
(510) 337-7000 ext 77047


Valezka Silva

Construction Project Manager
(510) 337-7000 ext 77930


Bernadette Gard
Staff Secretary II, Construction
(510) 337-7000 ext 77009


Priscilla Wong
Budget Analyst, Construction
(510) 337-7000 ext 77935