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Inter-District Permit Information


Inter-District Transfer Request Permits (IDP) are required for students, residing outside of Alameda city limits, who wish to attend an Alameda school.  Possible placement is determined after all Alameda resident students are in place.

Inter-District Permit Procedures:


  • Request an Inter-District Permit form from the school district of residence. The district of residence will forward a copy to AUSD.

  • Turn in a copy of your student’s grades, attendance record and discipline record

  • Upon receipt of the IDP, the applicant will be placed on our wait list.

  • Applicants will be notified by the second week of the school year as to whether their application has been approved, denied or wait-listed.

  • IDP applications may be denied based on the following items; overcrowding within AUSD schools or limited resources, grades below a 2.0 grade average, discipline history and or attendance history.

  • If your request is approved, AUSD retains the right to determine school assignment. However, AUSD will attempt to accommodate parent/guardian request for placement in a specific school site.

  • AUSD Inter-District Attendance Agreements must be renewed for 5th graders going to sixth grade and 8th graders going to 9th grade. We accept Inter-District transfer requests for the 2019-2020 school year the last two weeks of June 2019.

  • Inter districts can be revoked if there is a demand on the space by a resident student, if the grades fall below a 2.0, and or if there is attendance or behavior issues.

For students wishing to attend school outside of Alameda Unified School District, complete the Inter-district Transfer Application for Alameda County schools and submit it to the Student Services Office at 2060 Challenger Drive, Alameda.

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