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How to Use the Dashboard

Find Your School or District

1. Go to the CDE School Dashboard Page.

2. Type Alameda Unified or the name of your school in the search bar. 

Look at the Indicators

You’ll see 11 gauges, each of which represents a performance indicator. 

screen shot of overall AUSD results

Understand the Colors

Each gauge has a needle (or arrow) that points toward a certain color.  Blue is the highest performance; red is the lowest. Green, yellow, and orange signify varying intermediate levels

close up of gauge colors

It’s important to understand, however, that the colors do not just represent achievement. They represent "performance," which the CDE defines as status (achievement in 2017-18) plus change (either growth or decline over the last two years). This chart captures what the different colors signify.

color chart for dashboard

get more details

If you scroll down on the main Dashboard page, you'll find more indicators.

graphic showing how to find

For instance, you can compare the performance of AUSD or a school to that of the state. You also can see how the performance has changed this last year. You can see the number of student groups per each performance level. And by clicking on "View More Details," under each indicator, you can find information on how subgroups of students performed. 


All student groups chart

You can also search by performance level. 


Chart showing how explore groups by performance level works

5x5 Charts

The 5x5 Reports allow you to see the performance of each AUSD school on the state indicators.  You also can look at how each school's students (and subgroups) performed on each indicator.  

graduation 5 x 5 chart

Remember! The colors on the dashboard are not about scores. They're reflect how well the district, a school, or a subgroup perform this year as well as last year and the year prior to that.