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Graduation Requirements

Students are required to meet the following general requirements to earn an AUSD high school diploma:

  • Accumulation of a minimum of 220 credits (approved by the BOE on February 9, 2021)
  • Complete twenty (20) hours of community service work during the 9th through 12th grades (with the exception of the Class of 2021 and 2022)

Academic Requirements:


English - A student must earn forty (40) credits (four years) in courses offered by the English Department under its regular sequential program of instruction.


Social Science - A student must earn thirty (35) credits (three and one half years) of social science, including 10 credits in Modern World History, 10 credits in U.S. History, 5 credits in American Government, 5 credits in Economics and .5 credits in Ethnic studies. (Ethnic studies to begin as a requirement for the class of 2025)


Mathematics - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in mathematics.   


Science - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in science, including 10 credits in physical science and 10 credits in biological life science.


Foreign Language, Visual Performing Arts, CTE - A student must earn ten (10) credits (one year) in Foreign Language and ten (10) credits (one year) in Visual and Performing Arts. 1 year of Career Technical Education (CTE) may substitute for either the Foreign Language OR the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.


Physical Education - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in physical education.  Students are required to take PE in the Freshman year.


Navigating Life - A student must earn five (5) credits (one semester) in Navigating Life (taken either in the 9th or 10th-grade year).


Remaining Credits are to come from elective courses or additional coursework within the above core subject areas.


A comparison chart of the AUSD Graduation requirements and University of California 'a-g' requirements (PDF) can be downloaded.  Please also note the change in graduation requirements for the class of 2020 and beyond.  This change affects only the area of science.


Dr. Vernon Walton, Jr., EdD.
Director of Secondary Education

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Aaliyah Khan
Staff Secretary
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