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Field Trips

Field Trips are an important part of the student experience and the district strongly supports schools in their efforts to organize these learning opportunities.  Often staff collaborates with Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), boosters, non-profits, and other entities to fund and organize trips.  Questions about the field trip schedule at specific schools should be directed to the main office at each school site.  

Sample Parent/Guardian Permission Slip (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Do I need to be an approved school volunteer to chaperone field trips?

A: Parents/guardians who will be asked to supervise chaperone students outside the presence of staff must be approved school volunteers.


Q: How do I become an approved school volunteer?

A: Visit the Human Resources Volunteering page to learn about the steps required including live scan fingerprinting and screening in the Department of Justice's database for registered sex offenders.


Q: What are the requirements to serve as a volunteer driver?

A: To serve as a volunteer driver you must have a current driver's license, certify that your vehicle is mechanically safe, and provide proof of minimum insurance.  Seat belt use is required by all occupants and students.


Q: How do walking field trips work?

A: Parents/guardians are often asked to sign a blanket 'walking field trip' permission form at the beginning of the year.  This form provides permission for the school to take students on walking field trips throughout the year.  These trips can include a variety of community destinations in Alameda.  The school is required to notify parents/guardians at least 5 days in advance of the trip regarding the destination, itinerary, and contact information.  A parent/guardian MAY opt to have their student stay at the school site for a given walking field trip without negating their initial approval for walking field trips throughout the year. This can be communicated directly to the school office.


Sample Walking Field Trip Permission Slip (PDF)


Q: What does the law say about field trip fees for parents/guardians?

A: Fees can exist for field trips and excursions in connection with courses of instruction or school-related social, educational, cultural, athletic, or school band activities so long as no pupil is prevented from making the field trip or excursion because of lack of sufficient funds. Occasionally, non-school sponsored trips are organized by parents/guardians and/or staff that occur outside of the school year.  These trips may have minimum fee requirements and, as non-school sponsored trips, do not fall within the district's liability coverage.


Dr. Vernon Walton, Jr., EdD.
Director of Secondary Education

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Yvonne Wright

Director of Elementary Education

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Aaliyah Khan
Staff Secretary
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