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Technology Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my network password?

  1. Logon normally.
  2. Type CTRL-ALT-DEL.
  3. Single-click the CHANGE PASSWORD button.
  4. Enter your OLD network password into the Old Password field.
  5. Enter your NEW network password into the New Password field.
  6. Enter your NEW network password again into the Confirm New Password field.
  7. Single-click the OK button


What kind of problems/issues should I call the Help Desk for?

Any problem that can we can troubleshoot over the phone and in less than 5 minutes. (ex: password reset, email configuration etc). If you are unsure, please call the Help Desk and if they cannot help you, they will put in a Technology Service Request for you. (510) 337-7165 M-F 7:00 am-4:00 pm.


How do I put in a Technology Service Request?

1. Go to www.alameda.k12.ca.us, hover over the “Employee” tab on the top menu

2. Click on Technology Service Request, or simply to go http://www.mytechdesk.org/product/

3. Bookmark this site for future requests

4. Right side, under Requestor Login:

Groupname: ausd
Username: Your first initial, last name (ex: jsmith)
Password: same as your username (jsmith)

5. Click on NEW in the upper left corner and submit the request


How fast will a technician respond to my Technology Service Request?

It depends on the amount of requests in the queue. We must process tickets as the come in and/or depending on the severity of the problem. We cannot give an estimated timeline.


How do I access my AUSD e-mail when I’m not at work?

You can access your outlook mail by going to www.alameda.k12.ca.us, hover over the “Employee” tab on the top menu and click on District Email. Your login is the same as your network login.


I’m looking to purchase new technology equipment for my site; do you have a list of products that the district will support?

Yes, click HERE  for the list


I've been offered free computer equipment.  How do I know if it's ok to accept this donation?

Call Technology Services and ask to speak with the Director.  Do not accept any donations of hardware such as computers, monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, etc. without prior approval. Many of these items have hazardous waste disposal fees associated with them and by taking possession of the hardware, the District assumes responsibility to pay the disposal fee. Make sure you call first!


What is the District protocol on having computers on/off. Should they be left running 24/7/185 (school year)? All computers?

We should turn them off at the end of the day to conserve electricity. The monitors go into energy saving mode much like your TV at home when you turn it off with the remote. So there's no real benefit from pushing the power button on the monitor once the CPU has been turned off. This makes powering on the PCs in the morning one step easier for whoever has to do that.

General Troubleshooting on my PC?

Click here for General troubleshooting

How do I setup a Network Printer? (a network printer is any printer that is NOT plugged directly into your computer, like a 'bizhub')

1. Click on Start>Printers and Faxes. This should open the printers folder and you should see all your networked and local printers.
2. Double-click on Add Printer and we will add a “new” printer using the Add Printer Wizard.  Click on Next when the first window appears.
3. Select Network Printer and click Next.
4. Select the first radio button and click Next to browse (Windows XP).  When the next window appears, make sure it says Entire Directory and click on Find now. All the printers in the district should appear. You can sort them by site by clicking on server name. Listed under the server name should be all the printers the server manages.  Select your printer by matching the names and double-click on it.
5. Select if you want this as your default printer, click Next, then Finish and it is done.


I'm not getting any emails / I don't have an address book, what is wrong?

Make sure that at the bottom right corner of your Outlook screen, it says "Connected". If it says "Offline" or anything else, click on the down arrow and uncheck "work offline".

If that's not the case, check on the left side and make sure that next to Mailbox, it says your name. If you don't see a Mailbox, but Personal Folders, Outlook was not configured properly on your machine. To fix this, click here for instructions.


How do I set up Microsoft Outlook (email system)?

1. Open Outlook by clicking Start, then Microsoft Outlook.

2. At the start up screen, click NEXT. The select YES (to configure an e-mail account).

3. Select "Microsoft Exchange Server" (top radio button) and click NEXT

4. Enter the server name (ausdmail) and your network login (first initial, last name i.e. jsmith) in the appropriate boxes and click on "Check Name"

5. Click NEXT

6. You should be able to click NEXT or FINISH until the wizard leaves the screen then you can run Outlook with the user now having access to their mail.


How do I print to the copy machine (bizhub)?

In order to print to the new copiers, you have to enter your code (once) in the properties of the copier.

1. Click on Start
2. Click on Printers and Faxes
3. Click on Add Printer. (click here for instructions on adding a printer.)

Once the printer has been added, follow the steps below.

4. Highlight the Bizhub600

a) Right click on it
b) Select Properties
c) Select Printing Preferences at the bottom of the screen
d) Select User Authentication/Account Track (bottom middle of the screen)
e) Check Acct Tracking
f)  Enter Password (the numbered one given to you by the office, for making copies)
g) Click Save
h) Click Save again to close the Properties page.